Why make the change to 5 for $50 (as of 7/1/23)?

The Natick DPW has changed the "Bulky Waste Pickup" resetting the program to fit its original intent (as of 7/1/23), which was to give residents an means to dispose of bulky items that won't fit in a Blue PAYT bag (ie. regular curbside blue trash bags). Over the years this program has strayed a bit and somehow the "Y" fell off of "BULKY WASTE PICKUP." It became BULK to most residents and the unit of measure that has been used (a small pickup truck) is difficult to quantify and means something different from one resident to the next.

(IMAGE - here's a "small pickup truck" amount from the old "bulk" program)


It has been difficult to forecast the volume of waste each resident will put on the curb for pickup and the program costs have continued to outpace the collected fees.

This new "bulky" program will better help us estimate the volume to expect weekly, cover associated costs, and will encourage residents to exhaust all other means of reuse and recycling of these items reducing the number of items that enter various waste streams.

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1. Why make the change to 5 for $50 (as of 7/1/23)?
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