Online Payments

Dear Tax Payer,

We recently changed online tax and utility payment providers from Invoice Cloud to Unipay. If you enrolled in the Auto Pay or Scheduled Payment option with Invoice Cloud, you will need to enroll with Unipay for this option for all current and future bills available online. If you need assistance with enrollment, please contact Unipay Support at:  1-877-227-1157 or

Please note: When processing a Water/Sewer, Personal Property and Real Estate payment, be sure to use the current Fiscal Year 2021.
The Town of Natick offers two online payment services, one service is  for paying real estate, personal property and motor vehicle excise tax, water/sewer utility, as well as donations to the elderly and disabled taxation, which assists qualified residents by defraying the real estate taxes of elderly and disabled persons of low income.  The other service is for boat excise tax, parking ticket(s) and parking permits.

Online payments will be accepted up until the due date of the invoice.  We have been working on keeping the bills online past the due date with Interest accruing.  

NOTE:  The online balance only reflects the current bill charges and may not show any outstanding balances.  Please refer to your paper bill for the TOTAL DUE.

If you have a previous balance, you are able to override the total due at check out.

Please contact the Treasurer/Tax Collectors Office at 508-647-6425 for an updated balance. You may pay your overdue invoice in person at the Treasurer/Tax Collectors Office located on the first floor of Town Hall at 13 East Central St.
Natick MA, or by mailing your payment to the same location. 

We also have a mail slot to the RIGHT of the FRONT DOORS at Town Hall available 24/7/365 for your convenience.

Paying o
nline offers the following conveniences:

  • It's free to pay bills online with e-check
  • Pay up until the due date of the bill
  • Receive an email confirmation of payment
  • State of the art security features
  • Auto-pay
  • Schedule payments
  • Express payments 

Click here to pay online for the following:

  •  Real Estate Taxes
  •  Personal Property Taxes
  •  Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes
  •  Water/Sewer
  •  Boat Excise
  •  Parking Permits
  •  Municipal Lien Certificates
Click here to pay for paying a parking ticket.

Service Fees

It's free to pay online with e-check!  However, service fees do apply for payments made with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover).

If you have any questions regarding payments, contact the Collectors Office 508-647-6425.
508-234-7619 (Fax)