What other rail trails are nearby?
The CRT will connect to the 1.4 mile Saxonville section of the CRT in Framingham, which is now open. Framingham’s section was finished in 2015, and was built earlier because the land was previously owned by the Commonwealth, not by CSX. The Framingham section was partly funded as a sewer project and partly with federal and state funds. Natick and Framingham are working cooperatively to complete the entirety of the project; the bridge proposed across Route 30 will be partly in Natick and partly in Framingham. Other regional trails include:

Upper Charles Traill
Assabet River Rail Trail
Minuteman Bikeway
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

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1. What is a rail trail?
2. Where is the Cochituate rail trail?
3. Will the trail connect to the Natick Center MBTA Station?
4. When will it be built?
5. Why should Natick have a rail trail?
6. What kind of activities will be allowed on the trail?
7. What is the ROW being used for now?
8. Can I use the right-of-way now?
9. What is the status of the design?
10. Who would use or benefit from a rail trail?
11. What other rail trails are nearby?
12. How much will it cost to buy and to build?
13. Can we get the land for less money?
14. Can we take CSX land for the CRT by eminent domain?
15. How much will it cost to maintain?
16. Will the town lose property tax revenue from using the CSX right-of-way as a rail trail?
17. Have other towns been through this process?
18. What kind of environmental impact will there be from the rail trail?
19. What about parking?
20. What about the privacy of those living near the trail?
21. What is the impact of rail trails on property values?
22. Do rail trails attract crime and vandalism to neighborhoods?
23. Who decides if there will be a rail trail?
24. What is the Natick CRT Advisory Committee?
25. Will there be public transit on the CRT?
26. Will dirt bikes and ATVs be allowed on the trail?
27. How can I find out more?
28. Do you have questions not answered here?