What is the Natick Conservation Commission?
The Natick Conservation Commission is the local authority charged with the protection of Natick’s natural resources including Wetland areas. It’s a 7 member board of volunteers appointed for specific terms by the Natick Board of Selectmen. Any work or activity in a Wetland area may need to be approved by the commission before starting the work or activity.

The commission administers its approval and oversight of Wetland areas thru the state Wetlands Protection Act (G.L. Ch. 131 Sec. 40) and regulations (310 CMR 10.00) and the Town of Natick Wetland Protection By-law (Section 2 of Article 79) and General Wetlands Protection Rules and Regulations.

The commissions meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.

Copies of state and town Wetland regulations and the commission's meeting agenda and schedules can be found on the Conservation Commission's page or links found on that page.

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1. What is the Natick Conservation Commission?
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