Natick - Stay Informed!

The Town of Natick has two primary means of sending "updates" to residents, businesses, and other parties: emergency alerts and community notifications.

Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts are urgent updates tied to an immediate threat, these alerts are sent via a phone call (cell or landline) or text message, e.g. snow emergency, hazardous materials, or public safety incidents. Emergency alerts are managed by an external software vendor (Everbridge). These alerts are critical in nature, and the software enables the following:

  • Ability for Town staff to send mass communications - Resident and business contact info is made available via public databases (to reach over 50% of Natick residents) ** no action required **
  • Ability for residents to customize communications - This is an optional step (+ recommended) that allows residents and businesses to input verified information (including: verify/add contact info, customize subscribed alerts, etc.)

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Community Notifications

These notifications are informational news updates sent via email or sms ("text"), e.g. public meetings, roadwork projects, or general town-related, non-emergency matters. The following community notifications enable residents to subscribe to updates across a number of Natick topics. Choose what matters most to you and receive updates via email and/or phone.

  1. Type your email address in the box and select Sign In.
  2. If you want to receive text messages enter your phone number and select Save.
  3. To subscribe or unsubscribe click Email icon and/or SMS icon next to the lists to which you wish to subscribe/unsubscribe.

Available Lists

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