Why is my first real estate tax bill “preliminary” and what does that mean?

Your first and second quarter bills are always preliminary because we have not received certification of our values from the Department of Revenue. This year is a Department Of Revenue (DOR) recertification year so they will be doing a field audit and review of all assessed values which takes time.  DOR is anticipated to certify its rates in late September.  In addition the FY 2019 tax rate will be set by the Board of Selectmen in November. If you’d like more information on how the tax rate is set please click HERE. Once we’ve received the certified assessed values and the BOS have voted a tax rate, a final calculation of tax due will be completed. The third and fourth quarter tax bills will be adjusted and the preliminary amounts paid will be fully credited.

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1. Why is my first real estate tax bill “preliminary” and what does that mean?
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