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The Office of Sustainability seeks to create a clean, safe and healthy future for every Natick resident.

In pursuit of this goal, the Sustainability Office is responsible for coordinating and implementing climate mitigation, resiliency, waste reduction, renewable energy, energy efficiency and other programs across municipal, residential and commercial sectors. Initiatives are led by the Town’s sustainability coordinator, with support from state and federal agencies, utilities, municipal departments, local Boards and Committees, and other community volunteers.

The majority of Natick’s sustainability projects are funded via competitive grants and utility incentives, which totaled $390,000 in 2019. Many projects have the added benefit of reducing operating costs or supporting new revenue streams. In 2019, these benefits delivered an additional $440,000 in value.

On this page, you will find links to projects and programs from departments across the Town that relate to our environment, healthy community, and conserving natural resources. Additional updates are provided through our newsletter (sign up here) and the Sustainable Natick Facebook Page.

Please contact Jillian Wilson Martin at or 508-647-6555 with any questions, comments or ideas.

2020 Sustainability Annual Report