Natick Television Channels

Natick Pegasus is the public access corporation serving the town of Natick.  They provide public access programming, education programming and coverage of government meetings.

Natick Pegasus also offer Video On Demand (VOD).  They offer a multitude of programs to the public, things like town meetings Selectmen Meetings, School Committee Meetings, Finance Committee, to name a few.  Also High School sports, High School productions, as well as, Town meeting.  Here's the link for all VODs,

The channels programmed by Natick Pegasus are carried by Comcast, RCN and Verizon, in the same way that all other television stations are carried by the cable company. The funding is provided by the cable subscribers of Natick by means of an access fee, stipulated in cable contracts signed between Comcast, RCN and Verizon and the Town of Natick.

Government Channels

Comcast Channel 09
RCN Channel 15
Verizon Channel 28

Education Channels

Comcast Channel 08
RCN Channel 13
Verizon Channel 30

Public Access

Comcast Channel 99
RCN Channel 03
Verizon Channel 29