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Coastal Creations

This creative workshop teaches how to utilize natural materials, such as wood, sea glass, sand, etc. to achieve airy effect  through color and texture.

Floral Designs

It is a fun time and you will create a beautiful floral design to take home for your own enjoyment or give away as a gift! 

Learn To Weave

Learn the basics of handweaving as you create a colorful sample of structures on a floor loom. 

Opera Appreciation

Join our own Ron Williams as we expand our reach and take a look at symphonies, jazz and other world music.

Portrait Painting

Clothed models sit weekly for our class. Participants must bring their own materials. Any medium is welcome, except turpentine.

Watercolor Painting

Regardless of your level of experience with watercolor, these workshops are tailored for students and artists with various skill levels.


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