Safe Steps Grant

The Town of Natick recently received a grant award from the MetroWest Community Health Foundation for a program called Safe Steps. The purpose of Safe Steps is to promote walking for health and wellness.

The Safe Steps survey is now complete.  An initial presentation to review the results, review pedestrian improvements and train volunteers on assessing conditions was conducted on Thursday, July 26.  Additional meetings will be announced in the near future, and we will also establish a mailing list to share news and events.

The following presentations from July 26 are available:

About the Safe Steps

The grant has 3 elements:
  • Research services to identify where people walk for community, recreation and wellness, where residents would like to walk but can't do so, and any other reasons that they do not walk to school, work and other destinations. There will be a community survey that will provide an opportunity for input from all residents.

    If you have current suggestions about places for sidewalks, crosswalks or other long-term improvements, please feel free to contact the Select Board's office by email, or by phone at 508 647-6410. Please note that the Department of Public Works (DPW) is available to respond to requests for repairs, but you should contact the Select Board's office about future sidewalks and crosswalks. (Please note that the DPW will prioritize these requests based on sidewalk condition and other factors, including the availability of funds and manpower. Unfortunately, these limited resources do not enable us to immediately meet all needs.)
  • Engineering services to identify and develop costs for appropriate solutions to prioritized areas such as new sidewalks, crosswalks, walking paths and other improvements to improve pedestrian conditions. These improvements will be considered for future capital planning.
  • Program development to encourage people to walk more often for health reasons and other benefits. These will include programs for students, seniors, and everyone else.
To receive news and updates, please subscribe to Safe Steps notices. If you wish to provide specific suggestions as part of the Safe Steps grant, please contact the Select Board's office by email, or call 508 647-6410.