Facilities Management Oversight Committee


Beginning in June 2010, the Board of Selectmen approved the Town Administration's undertaking of a study of Facility Management. The primary focus of this initial study was the potential consolidation of municipal and school building maintenance operations, along with the municipal divisions of Land, Facilities and Natural Resources and Municipal Energy. The Facility Management Study Preliminary Report (PDF) was presented to the Board of Selectmen in late November 2010.

Upon receiving this report, the Board of Selectmen authorized the creation of a Facility Management Study Committee, with the task of reviewing the administration’s preliminary findings and exploring the consolidation of Facility Management services. This committee was comprised of two members of the Board of Selectmen, two members of School Committee, the Town Administrator and the Superintendent of Public Schools.

The Facility Management Study Committee has approved four strategic goals pertaining to this effort. They include:

  • Improve the quality and value of services delivered to facility users, taxpayers and related constituents
  • Maximize the lifespan of town-owned assets
  • Achieve operational efficiency and cost reduction relating to Town facility management
  • Establish and demonstrate an effective process for collaboration (between General Government and School System, in this case)

The Town Administration finalized the Facility Management Study Final Report (PDF) in September 2011, and the work of the committee is ongoing, with the goal of presenting to the 2012 Spring Annual Town Meeting a proposal for consolidation of general government and school facility management services.

In the meantime, the Town Administrator and School Superintendent have entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (PDF) to provide for an interim pilot program for the sharing of building maintenance functions.


Name   Title
Dirk Coburn  School Committee Rep.
TBD Select Board Rep.
Amy Mistrot  School Committee Rep.
Dr. Anna Nolin School Superintendent
James Errickson Town Administrator
TBD Select Board Rep.

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