Registration Details

Every program and activity in the Recreation and Parks Department is open to all, regardless of race, religion, color, sex, marital status, national origin or persons with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations and audio-visual aids and services will be available upon request.

 Woodtrail Registration

On-Line Registration  

Woodtrail Registration begins mid February

Camp Arrowhead Registration

On-Line Registration

Camp Arrowhead registration begins early March.

Spring Programs

On-Line Registration

Spring Program Registration begins early March.

Summer  Programs

Summer Online (P)

Summer Program Registration begins late March.

Sports Clinics(C)

Registration begins late March. 

Day Camps (C)

Camp Woodtrail and Camp Arrowhead -see above for detail.

Farm Programs

Registration is available at

Sassamon Trace Golf Course

Registration is done at the course.  Call 508 655-1330 for more information.  

Fall Programs

On-Line Registration

Fall Program Registration takes place in late August, early September.  

Winter Programs

On-Line Registration

Winter Program Registration takes place in early December.