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Questions Regarding the Community Preservation Act (CPA)

The Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (CPA) allows communities to vote for a 1% to 3% Real Estate Tax surcharge with certain exemptions.  The proposal on the November 8, 2022 ballot for Natick proposes a 1% surcharge and a $100,000 residential exemption.

If passed, this surcharge will first appear on your FY24 1st Quarter Bills in July 2023.

Please see below for links for helpful information on this subject and a sample bill calculation.

Sample Bill Calculation:

Sample tax bill-CPA

Helpful Links:


The Assessors Office is responsible for assessing all property located within the Town of Natick. This includes real estate, personal property, excise on motor vehicles and boats. Property values are reviewed for accuracy each year. The values generated by the Assessors are audited and certified triennially by the Department of Revenue. Motor vehicle excise information is provided by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Personal Exemption Program

We also administer the Personal Exemption Program. This program is designed to aid disabled veterans, elderly and senior taxpayers, blind individuals, surviving spouses, and surviving minor children. These programs are administered in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws chapter 59 clause 5.

Additional Programs

The Assessor's Office also manages 2 additional programs; the betterment / lien program, and supplemental tax on new construction.

The Assessors have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data presented. If you find any errors, please notify The Assessor's Office as soon as possible.

Looking for Tax Assistance?  One of our biggest priorities is to assist people with our Property Tax Exemption program. Exemptions help lower the real estate tax burden for qualified home owners and assist disabled veterans, blind individuals, and seniors with low income and/or assets. Please check out the “Tax Assistance and Deferral Programs” link on the left side of the screen. 

Are you 65 or older and having trouble paying your real estate bill?  If so, there is a way to defer your taxes and remain in your home.  The property tax deferral program should be considered as an option when a taxpayer’s current expenses make the continued ownership of his/her home difficult.  For further details, please review this pamphlet and additional details on our site.  Also there is a great article that was published in the Boston Globe regarding property tax deferrals titled "If you’re over 65, here’s one of the best-kept secrets in Mass" that can be found here.  

Excise bills come out each year in February and also periodically throughout the year based on the RMV’s records.  Once a bill is issued, it needs to be paid or abated.  If you have sold, traded, gifted, junked, or donated a vehicle, check our site for details or contact us on potential abatements.  Generally, to abate a bill, we need to have documentation on two things; what happened to the vehicle (sold, junked, traded) and what happened to the plates (cancelled, transferred).

Looking for property information?  Please check out our Assessment database which is integrated with our WebGIS site and has some of the most commonly requested assessor’s information.  To access the Assessors Database, click here.  

Questions or concerns?  Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking FAQs or please feel free to contact the Assessor’s Office at 508-647-6420 or email at

Thank you!
Eric M. Henderson, CAE,MAA,RMA,CMA
Director of Assessing