Yard Waste


Seasonal Curbside Collection

Curbside collection of yard waste occurs in the spring and fall:

  • Spring: during the last two full weeks of April on your regular trash collection day

  • Fall: in November on Mondays depending on your regular trash day.

Please refer to the below calendar or the RecycleCoach App for specifics. 

Year-round Collection

Residents can dispose of their yard waste year-round at the Recycling Center. Please note:

  • Passenger cars, cars with trailers and pickup trucks without trailers are allowed unlimited use of the facility

  • No dump trucks allowed

  • A resident can use company-owned, rental or borrowed trucks to dispose of Natick generated yard waste with a one time issued permission slip.  Permission slips must be obtained from the DPW prior to the disposal date. Each permission slip will be valid for one calendar week unless otherwise approved by the DPW.

  • Logs 8 feet or smaller in length are accepted.

  • Lumber, stumps and fencing are not allowed

Backyard and Curbside Composting

Composting food waste is an important way to reduce trash, lower greenhouse gas emissions and build healthy soil. With support from MassDEP, the Town of Natick offers programs to help residents compost food waste in their backyards or through curbside collection. Visit our Composting Page to learn more.

Christmas Tree Removal

Christmas Trees are picked up the first two full weeks of January on your trash day. They must be bare (i.e. no decorations, no lights, and not in a plastic bag) and placed at curbside.

2024 Recycling Calendar UPDATED