Trash Collection/Pay-As-You-Throw Program

  • All household rubbish must be in approved, blue Natick bags
  • The blue bags must be easy to pull out of the barrel, or it will not be collected
  • Trash in a commercial trash bag, whether or not in a barrel, will not be collected
  • Soiled Pizza boxes will be collected if flatten and placed under your trash - do no place soiled pizza boxes in your recycling cart
  • Tires will be collected with or without metal rims at curbside on regular trash
  • All containers and/or bags must be out at curbside by 7:00 AM on collection day
  • The collection trucks will pass down each street once and will not return for late collections
  • Property owners are responsible for cleaning up any rubbish caused by animals, etc.

Purchasing Approved Natick Blue Trash Bags

Blue bags are available at: 

  • Donelan’s Supermarket in Wayland
  • 7-Eleven
  • Roche Bros. Supermarket (Natick, Wellesley)
  • Stop and Shop Supermarket (Natick)   
  • Tilly and Salvy’s Bacon Street Farm
  • Wegmans (Natick)

Cost of Bags - No Sales Tax Applicable

Number of Bags
Size of Bag
 10-Pack 33 Gallon Bags (holds 25 lbs.)
 15 Gallon Bags (holds 12 lbs.)

Question concerning trash, recycling or bulky pick-up, call Sanitation at 508-647-6562.

PAYT Bag Defects and Quality Issues

If residents experience quality issues with the blue Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) bags they may call the bag vendor's customer service number at: (800) 866-3954. WasteZero will honor all quality issues by immediately shipping a replacement sleeve of bags to the resident.

Residents may also bring the balance of the defective bags to the retailer (grocery store where purchased) or the Department of Public Works (75 West Street) and receive free replacement bags (there is no need to bring in used/dirty defective bags to receive replacements). Please provide the 'lot number' located on the side of the bags to help the vendor identify manufacturing issues (this facilitates removing defective bags from circulation). Defective bags brought back to the Department of Public Works for an exchange are recycled. ♻️

Formally reporting bag quality issues helps us resolve them efficiently and allows us to get you new bags as soon as possible. Diligent reporting by residents is encouraged and appreciated. (at this time there are no know bag issues)