Administration Division

About the Division
The Administration Division provides all of the supervision, administrative support, and secretarial services to the department. The division is responsible for the preparation of the department’s weekly payroll and daily updating and monitoring of employees’ vacation, sick leave, and personal days. The division works closely with the Comptroller’s Office in order to track and reconcile accounts payable and payroll transactions. The office staff assists and responds to the residents with problems relating to rubbish collection, recycling, highway, land facilities, water and sewer. The staff is responsible for handling all emergency and storm telephone calls.

Duties & Responsibilities

The division is responsible for the development and preparation of the annual budget and reviewing and monitoring the budget on a monthly basis. All bids and construction contracts are prepared and reviewed by the division. The staff is responsible for collecting and depositing all fees from street openings, water and sewer permits, bulk pick-up, recycling, irrigation meters, and maps. The office staff schedules all final water readings, high water bills and irrigation meter appointments. This division monitors and manages the energy costs for all municipal departments of the town.