Mercury Recovery Program

Mercury is an element that if not managed properly can be harmful to human health and the environment.
Products containing mercury pose a risk to all of us and can pollute our environment.


For Natick Residents, the Town of Natick participates in a Mercury Recovery Program with Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc.

The Board of Health Office in Town Hall can accept:     thermostats           mercury switches      
                                                                                            thermometers        button cell batteries
While supplies last you can exchange your old glass mercury fever thermometer for a free digital one.
For more information please call the Board of Health office at 508-647-6460.

The Recycle Center on West Street can accept:      fluorescent lamps            fluorescent bulbs          
                                                                                      blood pressure units       barometers             
                                                                                      thermometers                 thermostats                                
                                                                                      mercury switches            button cell batteries.
For more information about the Recycle Center call the Department of Public Works at 508-647-6550.

For free BULK Mercury pickup please call the Board of Health Office at 508-647-6460. You will be asked how much mercury there is and what type of container it is in.  This information along with your contact information will be given to the Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc. representative who will assess what is needed for proper disposal and will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

               For more information on Mercury and the environment, please visit this website:

                     (sponsored by Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc.)