PROJECT: MBTA Communities (West Natick)

The goal of the West Natick Route 135 Plan is to be in compliance with the MBTA Community guidelines by December 2024. MBTA Communities creates an opportunity to create diverse and mixed-use village centers near public transit stations. Communities are required to establish at least one zoning district within .5 miles of an MBTA station with a minimum gross residential density of 15 units per acre.

The West Natick Plan will increase housing density around the West Natick Commuter Rail station by changing the current zoning from Limited Commercial (LC) to Mixed-Use Residential Development style, which requires a mixture of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial. Such zoning will help Natick be in compliance with Massachusetts General Law (MGL), Chapter 40A, Section 3A.

The Town of Natick is collaborating with RKG Associates and Innes Associates on a West Natick/ Route 135 Corridor Development Plan to complete site analysis and community engagement.

By the end of Fall ‘24, the Town will have had multiple public meetings, focus groups, and community hours to engage with the Natick community.

The Natick Community is defined by residents, landowners, business owners, employees who work in Natick, those who shop and do business in Natick, travel through Natick, etc.).

Please reach out to Amanda Loomis ( or Olivia Beck ( with any questions. 

Project Timeline
West Natick Route 135 Plan (1)

Details of Project Phases:

Fall’ 23

Initial background site research done by RKG associates and Innes Associates

Public Meeting held in Kennedy Auditorium Monday 12/18 

An online survey for residents which will be promoted on the Town page

Summer ‘24

Community engagement and online focus groups for residents

Community Hours put on by the Town to answer questions and concerns

Planning Board Public Hearing

Fall ‘24

Town Meeting to determine zoning changes