Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program

Natick was one of the first communities to participate in the Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program, and to receive the “MVP” designation.

With the support of this program, the Town completed vulnerability assessments and worked with community stakeholders to identify Natick’s climate risks and recommend actions. In 2018, Natick published its first MVP Plan, which prioritized 45 different climate resilience-building actions.

Staff across municipal departments regularly review the MVP Plan and work to advance priorities. As a result, Natick has received the following MVP Action Grants to implement recommendations outlined in the Report:

  1. Tree Planting to Mitigate Heat
  2. Conserving Water Usage
  3. Updating Stormwater Regulations
  4. Regional Flood Model
  5. Identifying Flood Solutions
  6. MetroWest Climate Equity Project
  7. Advancing Flood Solutions

2018: Tree Planting Plan to Mitigate Heat Islands and Reduce Runoff

Developed a tree planting plan to address heat islands and reduce stormwater runoff. 300 property owners were contacted and invited to participate in Natick’s Street Trees program.

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