Permits & Fees

The following is a list of activities which require fees, permits and/or some other type of Fire Department involvement:

Permit Fee
Smoke Detector & CO Detector Inspection (MGL c. 148 s. 26F & 26F 1/2) $50
Sprinkler Installation / Maintenance $50
Fire Alarm Installation / Maintenance $50
Oil Burner / Tank Installation $50
Residential Plan Review $50
Propane Installation / Storage $50
Black and Smokeless Powder $50
Flammable Storage (Commercial) $50
Cutting and Welding (Commercial) $50
Blasting $50
Open Burning (one payment for season) $0
Fireworks (Commercial) $50

Fees for Commercial Plan Review are determined according to the square foot area of the building or space being built or renovated:

Contact the Fire Prevention Division for Commercial Plan Review fees at (508)647-9556.

Please allow for a 2 week "turn around" on commercial plans.
Fees for Demolition Operations are paid to Community Development. Their office is located on the second floor of the Town Hall, 13 East Central Street. The Natick Fire Department does not require an initial fee for demolition operations, however a firewatch detail must be present anytime a building is torn down in the Town of Natick. Call the Fire Prevention Office for more information or to arrange for a firewatch detail at 508-647-9556.