Energy Assistance Programs

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Eversource have several programs to help income-eligible families and customers needing special assistance meet their energy needs. 

Programs for Everyone: Budget Billing and Energy Efficiency

Mass Save® and No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

Improving the efficiency of your home or business is an easy way to save energy, save money and increase comfort. All Natick electricity customers, including property owners and renters, are eligible to participate in Mass Save, a Eversource-sponsored energy efficiency program.

Mass Save offers rebates and incentives on insulation and air-sealing, clean heating and air conditioning, water-heating equipment and more. On average, program participants save between $200 and $400 each year.

Sign up to schedule a virtual or in-person No-cost Home Energy Assessment at or by calling 508-714-7368

Budget Billing

Eversource lets you divide your annual energy costs into fixed monthly payments so you know exactly how much your electric bill will be each month. Learn more at:

Income-Based Assistance

The Town of Natick's Human Services team can help you learn more and participate in income-based assistance programs. Contact Human Services at 508-647-6519

Discount Rate

To be eligible for Eversource's Discount Rate, you need to be a residential customer, meet eligibility requirements, and your utility bill must be in your name. Learn more at:

New Start

Income-eligible residents with outstanding balances on their Eversource bills may qualify for the New Start program. Learn more at:

Fuel Assistance

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded program helps income-eligible households pay their energy bills. Eligibility is based on household size and income. 

For this heating season, fuel assistance applications are now being accepted. You can apply online at or contact the South Middlesex Opportunity Council, our local Community Action Program, at 866-397-8478. The Natick Human Services team is also available to help residents with their applications at 508-647-6519.

Good Neighbor Energy Fund

If you aren't eligible for Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP), you may be eligible for the Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund. This fund is available to any Massachusetts resident who, because of temporary financial difficulty, cannot meet a month's energy expense and is not eligible for state or federal energy assistance. Income must fall between 60 and 80 percent of the state's median income levels. Contact the local Salvation Army at 508-875-3341 or the Natick Human Services team for assistance at 508-647-6519.

Energy Efficiency for Lower Income Customers

If you currently receive the Eversource Discount Rate, you may be eligible for a variety of no-cost energy efficiency improvements to help renters or homeowners reduce their energy bills.

It all starts with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. An Energy Specialist will assess your home and install complimentary energy-saving products like energy-efficient light bulbs, smart power strips, water saving devices and more. If your refrigerator, freezer, window air conditioner or dehumidifier are determined to be inefficient and eligible, they'll be replaced with energy-efficient units at no cost to you during a follow-up visit. Additionally, you may also be eligible for no-cost insulation improvements, air leak sealing, and an efficient heating system upgrade.

To get started, contact Mass Save® at: 866-537-7267 or the South Middlesex Opportunity Council, our local Community Action Program, at 508-620-1230.