Electricity Aggregation Program

Image of Town Hall

Launched in 2015, the Natick Electricity Aggregation Program provides residents and businesses with choices regarding the price and environmental impact of their electricity. The program is provided as a service to the community, and electricity customers in Natick are automatically enrolled. The Town does not make any money on this program, and you can leave at any time with no fee.

As part of the program, participants enjoy consumer protections, and long-term, stable pricing. The program also offers the potential for savings compared with Eversource’s pricing, but because Eversource’s prices change and their future prices are not known, savings can never be guaranteed.

More than half of Massachusetts cities and towns have similar electricity aggregation programs.  

Supplier Transition

The Natick Electricity Aggregation Program is in a transition from its current electricity supplier, Direct Energy, to its new electricity supplier, First Point Power. 

Because of the transition, prices will change in December. Electricity prices are higher now than they were when the Town locked in 2022 program prices due to volatility in the global energy market for natural gas, the primary source of electricity in New England. As a result, program prices will rise to market levels, which means participants will see their prices increase.

For those who wish to compare the new program prices with Eversource's winter Basic Service price, Eversource is expected to release its winter prices in late November. They will be posted to the Your Options page on the Natick Electricity Aggregation website when they are available. In addition, all participants will receive a letter in the mail with the new program prices and Eversource’s prices.