911 Communications

Dial 9-1-1
  • To save a life
  • To stop a crime
  • To report a fire
About the Unit
Natick Public Safety Dispatchers assist the community with all police, fire and medical calls. The 9-1-1/Communications Unit operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Dispatchers are the unseen partners of police officers, firefighters and medical personnel and receive specialized training in communication skills and handling critical incidents so that they may effectively serve the needs of the community.

Using state-of-the-art communications equipment, dispatchers take calls for service by phone, radio, from lobby walk ups and radio calls and teletypes from other agencies. Trained to ask callers specific questions designed to gather critical details in limited time, they field the information to the public safety personnel on the road. In many cases, it is the skill of the dispatcher that enables an officer to stop a crime or save a life.

The ability to multi-task is an extremely critical part of the dispatchers position. The dispatcher is frequently listening to someone on the phone, assisting someone at the window, communicating to officers and firefighters, and monitoring multiple radio frequencies all at the same time. Sorting out the information and prioritizing takes skill and a unique ability. The public is always welcome to visit the Natick Public Safety operation at 20 East Central Street and observe through the lobby window.

Errors & Mistakes
Do not program '9-1-1' into your telephone's speed dial. You won't forget the number, and programming the number invites accidental dialing.

If you dialed 9-1-1 in error, DO NOT hang up the telephone. Instead, stay on the phone and explain to the dispatcher that you dialed by mistake and that you do not have an emergency. If you hang up, for your safety, police officers will be dispatched to the caller's address to confirm that there are no emergency services needed. This will needlessly take resources away from genuine emergencies. The Public Safety dispatcher must confirm the information on their 9-1-1 screen for accuracy in case you ever have a real emergency. There is no charge or obligation incurred for this misdialed call.