Invasive Species

What is an invasive plant?

The term “invasive plants” usually refers to aggressive, non-native plants that thrive in our area, crowding out native plants. They have no native predators, are resistant to attack, and can re-establish themselves quickly and aggressively. They often leaf out earlier than native plants, establish tremendous seed stocks in the soil, and grow very rapidly in our climate and light regime. All invasive species are causing rapid detrimental changes to the native habitats they invade, diminishing the ability of those habitats to support native wildlife. Many invasive species were introduced as ornamentals, or as commercially important products. Successful control requires a long-term commitment.

What can I use to identify invasive plants?

We recommend using free plant identification apps such as Seek by iNaturalist or Pl@ntNet.

What invasive plants are in the Natick Town Forest?

Below is a list of the invasive species found in the Natick Town Forest. Click for more information about the species and how to effectively and safely control them.