MetroWest ESports League WINTER 2020_21 PROMO

The MetroWest Recreational E-Sports league provides safe and inclusive gaming to participants of all ages! This virtual program is a fun and social way to play against your friends from the comfort of your own home! Compete against your friends in town, or make new friends while playing your choice of Madden 21, Fortnite, FIFA, NBA, NBA 2K21, or Super Smash Bros!

This league is hosted by GG Leagues to ensure safe and fair gaming for all participants. Participants will have the ability to chat with their opponent, play against their friends, and compete to be the best in the MetroWest area! All interactions are monitored by GG Leagues, with support from Natick Recreation and Parks.

Participants must provid their own hardware and game to participate.

Each league costs $30 per participant, or $25 for NTP Members (grades 5+)

 League Information

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Q: How do I register?
A:Once players are paid registered through Community Pass, they will need to complete the following steps in order to complete registration with www.ggleagues.com:
-Create a team: www.ggleagues.com/teams/new. A team is needed even if you are playing in a single player league. 

-Register for the league you would like to participate in: https://www.ggleagues.com/organization/natick

-Please make sure to use this sponsor code when registering.  You will receive a Sponsor Code from Natick Recreation after you have paid.  

Q: Do I need to buy the game in order to play?
A: Yes! Although some of our offered game titles are free, you must have the game installed in order to play. We highly recommend playing the game beforehand to get familiar with it and ensure you’re familiar with the controls.  You will also need to own the hardware (Playstation/xbox/PC) to play the game on.  Some games are specific to one type of hardware so make sure you don't sign-up for a Playstation 4 game if you only have an xbox!

Q: How much does it cost to play in a league?
A: MetroWest Recreation Department Leagues are $30 each.

Q: Are there prizes?
A: If you win your league, you will receive a credit for a FREE Entry into any league in the next season from Natick Recreation.

Q: How much does it cost to play in a league?
A: Costs vary per league, but it’s typically around $30/player for our recreational leagues. Please check the league pages for specific information.

ADDITIONAL FAQ - See GG Leagues FAQ Directly.