Care and Prepare

Notification During a Weather Emergency

If you live alone, have medical conditions that limit your mobility, or if you or someone in your home relies on medical equipment that requires electricity, we would like to encourage your participation in a new service the Town is offering:

The Town of Natick wants to be sure that everyone stays safe during a weather emergency. To that end, we are offering a new telephone calling and notification service prior to and during significant weather events.

To participate you need to fill out the Care and Prepare form below.  Fill out an online form that will be submitted automatically to the appropriate person or print out the PDF form and return it to the Community Services Department.  Please call 508-647-6540 if you have any questions.

If you or someone in your household do not have medical conditions that limit mobility, nor medical equipment requiring electricity, the Town of Natick's Code Red Program may be of interest to you. Please visit the home page for the Town of Natick to register.

Care and Prepare Form Online - Click, fill out form and submit

Care and Prepare Form (PDF) -  Print out, fill out and deliver to Community Services Dept.