Community Services


Comprised of Recreation and Parks, Council on Aging, Human Services, Veteran’s Services, and the Natick Community Organic Farm, the Community Services Department is charged with responding to the needs, interests and quality of life issues of all who call Natick home. Together, we seek to elicit the priority needs and interests of residents and respond to those priorities through well conceived program development, efficient service delivery and thoughtful trusteeship of our array of public facilities and resources.
As a department we seek to improve the quality of life for all of our residents in part by designing and offering a wide range of educational, recreational, cultural and health and fitness related opportunities for every resident of any age at one of our numerous indoor and outdoor facilities.

Strengthening Community

The Community Services Department is equally concerned with strengthening our community by:
  • Building partnerships with community leaders, groups and organizations
  • Ensuring that our safety net is both sustainable and responsive to those in need
  • Developing the kinds of programs, services and initiatives our residents feel are important
  • Enhancing communication through the development of community-wide informational materials. Develop and enhance print communications through the use of companion online resources to maximize access and provide alternatives for our citizens.

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