Open Space & Trails


The Town of Natick contains a variety of open spaces and trails providing valuable benefits including opportunities for hiking and exploring outside, wildlife and plant habitat, flood storage, treatment of pollutants, and protection of water resources such as groundwater aquifers and Lake Cochituate.

Within Natick, the Conservation Commission owns over 400 acres of protected land. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts owns over 380 acres of land. Private, non-profit organizations own over 500 acres of land. Other protected open space lands are owned by other Town entities or are privately held. 

For more information on open space, recreation, and trails, please see the Open Space & Recreation Plan (2020). The document may take a few minutes to download due to file size. 

For an online interactive trail map, visit

Join us for Natick Trails Day on October 16th, 2021 from 9am-12pm. You can register for the event and sign up for a specific project at! Folks will be meeting at the Oak Street parking lot for Town Forest and breaking out into smaller groups from there.