Financial Transparency

The Town has partnered with ClearGov, a comprehensive financial tool which is periodically updated from our financial accounting software. This financial tool provides the public with easy access to the Town of Natick's expenditure, revenue, and budget information for the current fiscal year, as well as a historical view of previous years. It can be used to search details of municipal expenses and revenues by category, department, fund, and government area. The data within this site covers every level and every fund of municipal finances, from fiscal year totals to line item detail. The tool also has the capability to compare and benchmark per capita spending by governmental function.

Click this link or the graphic below to enter the ClearGov financial transparency site:

Town Financial Projects

This section will provide insight into significant financial matters impacting the Town. 
  • Kennedy Middle School - The financing plan and estimated costs associated with the new Kennedy Middle School
  • West Natick Fire Station - The financing plan and estimated costs associated with the proposed West Natick Fire Station (Speen St.)

ClearGov Financials

Budget for FY19 by Category (actual expenditures will be updated periodically)