Needle & Medication Disposal

If you find a syringe/needle/sharp in public DO NOT handle it yourself.  Please call 508-647-9500 (the non-emergency police line) to report where a sharp has been found.  A Natick Police Officer will properly collect and dispose of the sharp.

For unused/expired EpiPens, Syringes and Needles that are still filled with medication: Expel the medication into a piece of fruit and/or mix with an undesirable substance, such as used coffee grounds, dirt or kitty litter, then put this mixture into your Blue Natick Trash Bag.                                                                    This process makes the medicine less dangerous for children, pets or people who may come in contact with the trash.  Once the medication is expelled, the needle is considered "used" and can be put into a sharps container for proper disposal.

Sharing What You No Longer Need Will Save Lives

Insulin for Life USA, Inc. collects in-date unused and unopened insulin and diabetes supplies, and ship them to developing countries.  For more information, please visit or call 352-327-8649.