2017 Spring Annual Town Meeting & Special #1

Town Meeting is scheduled to begin on
 April 11, however the 11th and 13th are both religious holidays.  Town Meeting typically does not meet on those days, nor do they meet during school vacation week.  Please note that there is a very good chance that Town Meeting will not begin until Tuesday, April 25th.  It is expected that the first Town Meeting will be a handful of people to adjourn Town Meeting to April 25th.

Town meeting will be held at the Natick High School Auditorium located at 15 West Street in Natick.

Town Meeting Members and the public at large are encouraged to utilize this webpage as a resource for Town Meeting. Updates and some handouts passed out at Town Meeting will be posted here as soon as possible.


Materials for Town Meeting Members

Materials for the meeting will be posted as available.

Minutes & Actions

Electronic Votes

​Attorney General Approvals