Plans, Studies and Policy Reports


The Natick Economic Development Study and Action Plan was commissioned by the Economic Development Committee (EDC) to recommend actions for enhancing Natick's economic sustainability and inducing business investment ​in town.​

Please note five important points when reading the Study and Action Plan:

  • The document is strictly ADVISORY in nature, intent and character.
  • The Plan's suggestions and recommendations are not enforced by state or local laws / regulations, and are thus not required to be enacted, followed or funded by any town body.
  • The plan was prepared from careful econometric research supplemented with extensive interviews with local and regional business leaders to gauge their attitudes and views towards locating and operating businesses in Natick.
  • The findings of this research helped the Plan's authors determine the business community's perception of Natick's strengths and weaknesses relative to competing communities.
  • Ultimately these insights helped the authors to recommend the best means and methods for policy makers to use for attracting the preferred types of firms that will bring the robust, sustainable forms of economic development in the future. 

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