Natick Electricity Aggregation Program

Natick is an electricity aggregation community, which means the Town selects an electricity supplier on behalf of residents and businesses (Learn how aggregation works). As part of this program, Eversource delivers electricity to Natick, but a separate company supplies it

Our goals are to increase the amount of renewable energy in your electricity, protect consumers from seasonal price swings, and offer a Town-vetted alternative to other electricity offers in the marketplace. Natick’s Electricity Aggregation Program is a public service, and the Town does not receive any financial benefit from it.

Electricity supplier transition: The Natick Electricity Aggregation Program is in a transition from its current electricity supplier, Public Power, to its new electricity supplier, Direct Energy. During this transition, if you would like to enroll in the program, opt up to 100% Green, or otherwise make changes to your enrollment, please contact customer support with Natick’s aggregation consultants. Your account will be added to a waiting list, and your account information will be forwarded to Direct Energy once they are fully engaged and able to provide customer support.

Learn More

Visit our program website with additional details, including pricing and links to opt-up or down at

Opt Up

Opt Up to 100% Renewable Energy

Beginning in July 2019, customers who participate in Natick’s Electricity Aggregation Program can now source 100% of their electricity from renewable energy projects located in New England. To select this option, visit

Other Options

Program participants who do not choose to opt up, are automatically enrolled in the Town's Standard Green optionwhich is the default program offering. This matches 24% of your electricity use with renewable energy projects located in New England. 

You also have the opportunity to choose Natick Basic/Brown which includes no additional renewable electricity beyond the minimum required by the state (NOTE: This is the Basic or Brown option in Natick’s Electricity Aggregation Program. It is different from Eversource’s Basic Service.)