Hazard Mitigation

Hazard Mitigation is a series of actions and policies designed to reduce and/or eliminate the impacts of naturally occurring disasters on people and property - disasters which have been increasing in frequency and intensity by climate change impacts.

NEW - Charles River Watershed Flood ModelIG_Flood Model Survey_ENG_CRFM

Natick has enthusiastically teamed up with 19 other communities and the Charles River Watershed Association to create the first ever Charles River Watershed Flood Model! The model projects future flooding conditions within the watershed. It also models how future flooding would change if we implemented certain mitigation projects - aka "nature-based solutions" - such as preserving open space or reducing impervious surfaces (parking lots).

Through June 2022, we are expanding the model with the assistance of additional state funding. More data will be added to improve model accuracy. Additionally, construction projects and policies causing the greatest reduction in future flooding events will be developed.

HELP US IDENTIFY PROJECTS TO CONSIDER IN NATICK & THE REGION! Click here or scan the QR code in the blue brochures on this page.All_LanguagesFlyer_CRFM

View the flood model here

Learn how to use the flood model (video)

Story map #1 - How the model was developed and what it tells us

Story map #2 - What flooding impacts would be if we undertook mitigation projects

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Funding for this project was provided by the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) action grant program which provides support for cities and towns in Massachusetts who have identified climate hazards, assessed vulnerabilities, and developed action plans to improve resilience to climate change and want to implement a priority project identified through the planning process.    

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program (MVP)

The Town of Natick became an MVP designated community in 2018 which has funded multiple Town projects in an effort to become more climate resilient.

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2018 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

FEMA requires a municipality's Hazard Mitigation Plan to be updated every five years in order to be eligible for certain funding opportunities.

2018 Natick Hazard Mitigation Plan Update