Environmental Site Assessment

The Town has recently conducted a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to test for contaminants along the CSX Right-Of-Way. The ESA is a requirement of the Purchase and Sale agreement with CSX, and is standard practice for property acquisition. The ESA was done according to CSX requirements, with additional sampling for along the ROW, but not on the former railbed, and a more extensive range of contaminants (including PCBs) than CSX requires. This page includes links to a cover memorandum for the Board of Selectmen, the full ESA, and a summary of the ESA. The ESA will be described by the town’s consulting firm for the testing, Stantec, at a public hearing at the Board of Selectmen meeting of July 11, 2016. This public hearing is a requirement of the Town Meeting votes for acquisition of the Saxonville Branch and Wonderbread Spur.