The Town of Natick has a variety of programs designed to reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste, and it has been successful in lowering its trash per household figure over the years.

In 2003, the Town was disposing of nearly 10,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year, and has since dropped this amount to closer to 6,000 tons.

Today approximately half of all solid waste is recycled through the Town's single-stream, e-waste, textiles, yard waste, compost and other recycling programs.

In spring 2018, the Town hopes to complete a waste characterization study to further identify opportunities for reducing waste and improving recycling.

Waste Circle

These programs are supported in-house by Public Works and the Health Department. The Town receives grants from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to further these efforts, with a significant portion coming through the Recycling Dividends Program. This point-based program rewards communities for each recycling action they take, and, in FY 2017, Natick was one of only 11 communities in the state to receive 15 points or more. Based on the amount of households we serve, this resulted in a $28,800 grant.

MassDEP - Recycling Dividends Map 2017