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 Cole South
 Coolidge Baseball and Softball
 Hunnewell Complex
 Memorial School Fields • Lavezzo Field (formerly #1) 
 Memorial School Fields • Field #2
 Murphy North and South
 Navy Yard
 West Hill
   High School Fields:   
JV Soccer/LAX
 JV Softball
 Memorial Field Satdium
 Practice Football
 Varsity Soccer/LAX
 Varsity Softball
   Turf Fields:   
Cole North
 Memorial Stadium
 Please adhere to the guidelines below:

 No field may be used if there is standing water.  If the turf or clay is being damaged you can not continue use of that field.  No unauthorized maintenance work may be done.

If it starts raining when fields are open, a league official will make the decision on whether fields will remain open.

 The DPW checks the fields daily, and a message is updated by 8 am or 2 pm (weekdays) when there is new information. 

Please make sure you pick up after yourself and others.