Article 23


Printed Version of Article 23

Section 1               Composition, Term of Office; Eligibility; Removal, Resignation

1.1       Composition, Term of Office - There shall be a Finance Committee, consisting of fifteen (15) citizens of the Town appointed by the Town Moderator for terms of three (3) years beginning July 1, so arranged that five (5) members are appointed each year.

1.2       Eligibility - Persons holding an elective Town office, except Town Meeting member or constable, and those serving on appointed committees or boards that have responsibility for issuing permits, approving expenditure of funds, or exercising final authority over any matter are not eligible to be Finance Committee members. Finance Committee members may serve on committees that advise decision-making Town agencies or Town Meeting. No Finance Committee member shall serve for more than a total of twelve (12) years.

1.3       Removal or Resignation from Office - Any member of the Finance Committee who files for any Town elective office except that of Town Meeting member or constable shall cease to be a member of said Committee. Members may resign by sending a notice of resignation to the Finance Committee chairman, the Town Moderator, and the Town Clerk; and they shall resign when they are no longer eligible to be Finance Committee members.

Section 2               Secretary
The Finance Committee may employ, subject to an appropriation therefor, a Secretary.

Section 3 reserved.

Section 4               Report, Recommendations
The Finance Committee shall consider all matters of business included within the articles of any warrant for a Town Meeting, and shall, after due consideration, report thereon, in print, its recommendation as to each article. The Finance Committee shall distribute its said report to each of the Town Meeting Members at least seven (7) days in advance of a Town Meeting, except where compliance with this provision would defeat the purpose of a Special Town Meeting. The said recommendations shall be those of a majority of the appointed Committee at the time of the vote, but this shall not be construed to prevent recommendations by a minority as such. The Committee Report shall also state the total amount of the appropriations recommended by them on the entire Warrant. Said report for the Annual Town Meeting shall also contain a statement of the doings of the Committee during the year, with any such recommendations or suggestions as it may deem advisable on any matters pertaining to the welfare of the Town.

Section 5               Audits
The Finance Committee shall have the authority at any time to investigate the books, accounts and management of any department of the Town, and to employ such expert and other assistance as it may deem advisable for that purpose, and the books and accounts of all departments and officers of the Town shall be open to the inspection of the Committee and any person employed by it for the purpose. The Committee may appoint subcommittees and delegate to them such of its power as it deems expedient.

Sections 6, 7, 8 deleted by Article 38 ATM 10/3/91