Article 11


Printed Version of Article 11

Section 1               Records of Deeds, Permits, Licenses, and Grants
The Town Clerk shall keep a true copy, of all records, as required under Massachusetts General Laws, and in accordance with the provisions of these by-laws. He shall not allow original papers or documents of the Town to be taken from his office, except as they remain in his custody, or by authority of law.

Section 2               Recording of Deeds

The Town Clerk or his designee shall cause every conveyance to the Town of any interest in land to be properly recorded in the appropriate Registry of Deeds or Land Registration Office. 

Section 3               Record of Town Meeting Proceedings

The Town Clerk shall keep one or more copies of each Town Report.  He shall publish in the annual printed report of the Town a copy of his record of all Town Meetings that have been held during the preceding year. The  Attorney General's approval, if any, for each warrant article shall be maintained in the Town Clerk's Office as a permanent record.

Section 4               Notification of Election or Appointment

The Town Clerk shall notify, or cause to be notified, all persons chosen or elected by the Town or appointed on Committees, of their election, choice, or appointment. He shall furnish all boards and committees with a copy of all votes affecting them.

Section 5               Forms for Petitions and Reports

The Town Clerk shall furnish blanks, with appropriate headings, upon which petitions, reports, and other papers in the ordinary course of Town proceedings may be prepared.

Section 6               Notification of Town Meeting Action

Upon dissolution of Town Meeting, the Town Clerk shall:

  1. provide all documentation required by general law to the Attorney General's Office;
  2. furnish the various Town officers and committees a copy of such action of the Town as affects them respectively, if requested,

Section 7        Record of Town Meeting Attendance

A record available for public inspection shall be kept by the Town Clerk of the attendance of Town Meeting Members at each Town Meeting or adjourned Town Meeting thereafter.  The Town Clerk shall compile a yearly attendance record of all the Town Meeting Members for publication in the Annual Town Report. 

Section 8               Notice of Removal of Residence of Elected Town Officer

An elected Town officer who removes from the Town and no longer maintains a residence in the Town or who becomes a registered voter elsewhere shall resign in accordance with Section 109 of Chapter 41 of the General Laws. If the Town Clerk receives a notice in writing that an elected Town officer, but not including a Town Meeting Member, has removed from the Town or has registered elsewhere, the Town Clerk shall notify the elected Town officer in writing of the eligibility requirement for elective Town office as specified in Section 3-1 (b) of the Charter and of the resignation requirement and vacation of office provisions as specified in said Section 109.

Section 9               Verification of Removal of Residence of a Town Meeting Member

Upon receipt of notice in writing from any voter of the Town to the effect that a Town Meeting Member has removed his residence from the Town, the Town Clerk shall immediately verify such information, and upon such verification, shall cause the vacancy to be filled in a manner provided for by law.

Section 10             Notice of Town Meeting Appointments

The Town Clerk shall post a notice to announce all new appointments to fill vacancies in the Town Meeting membership as they occur.

Section 11             Notification of Hearings Before Board of Appeals

The Town Clerk shall provide, within three business days, to all Town Agencies or Officials who shall request or require same, a copy of any petition or application filed with the Town Clerk for hearing before the Board of Appeals.

Section 12             Political Calendar

The Town Clerk shall prepare a political calendar for the year showing all elections and Town Meeting dates, including all associated filing dates. The Town Clerk shall make the calendar available by December 1 of the preceding year and shall prepare a revised version whenever new dates are established or any information changes. Copies of the calendar shall be available at the office of the Town Clerk upon request.

Section 13             Report to Voters of Town Meeting Seats to be Filled at Election

Prior to every election of Town Meeting Members, the Town Clerk shall prepare reports listing, by precinct, the number of seats to be filled and the number of candidates to date. The first report and two subsequent updated reports shall be issued as of twenty-eight, fourteen and seven days, respectively, before the last date for submitting nomination papers to the Registrars of Voters. For these reports, a person nominated for the office or who has submitted nomination papers shall be counted as a candidate. A final report shall be issued as of seven days after the last date for filing with the Town Clerk nomination papers with certified signatures. For this report, a person whose name is going to be on the ballot shall be counted as a candidate.

The Town Clerk shall post the reports as a notice on the Town website and shall make copies available to the public upon request.

Section 14             Locations for Posting Notices of Town Meetings

The Town Clerk shall determine suitable locations in the Town for posting notices of Town Meetings.  These locations shall be readily accessible to the public.  The Town Clerk shall submit a list of these locations, including any changes to the list, to the Board of Selectmen for approval.

Approved April 2018