Conservation Fund Study Committee

Said appointees shall serve terms effective January 5, 2015 through the dissolution of 2015 Natick Spring Annual Town Meeting, or as otherwise authorized by Town Meeting.   Appointees shall perform the duties incumbent upon their office consistent with the vote of Town Meeting under 2014 FATM, Article 20; the Natick Home Rule Charter, the Natick By-laws, and the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Specifically, committee members shall determine the nature of revenues, deposits, interest, expenditures and appropriations to and from said fund; determine the requirements and restrictions of Massachusetts General Laws, the Town’s Bylaws, and applicable regulations; and determine the requirements and restrictions attached to grants, gifts, contributions, deposits, security deposits and permit decisions. In addition, said committee members shall determine and recommend minimum due diligence procedures and/or guidelines for acquisition of open space lands using these funds, and recommend what additional powers and duties the Conservation Commission may need. 

Furthermore, the committee members shall determine the potential effects of accounting and expenditures on the ability to retain current funds, and on the ability to obtain future open space monies. And, they shall recommend what form, content and manner of report on the Conservation Commission Fund and open space monies should regularly be prepared in future. Finally, the committee shall, after study, shall submit a report with recommendations to the 2015 Natick Spring Annual Town Meeting.

Name  Title  Term 
Paul Griesmer Member 2015
William Proia Member 2015
Julian Munnich Planning Board Rep. 2015
Cathi Collins Finance Committee Rep. 2015
Matthew Gardner Conservation Commission Rep. 2015