Online Payment Instructions for Taxes & Water/Sewer

  1. Click on the "Online Payments".
  2. Select the type of bill you wish to pay.
  3. To locate your bill enter the information requested (for example; parcel ID, account number, address, or last name).
  4. Real Estate and Personal Property look up fields work best with just partial entry information. Motor Vehicle Excise Tax requires both bill number and license plate number in order to locate your bill.
  5. Scroll down to view available invoices and check the box to the left of the invoice(s) you wish to view or pay.
  6. Scroll up and select "add to Shopping Cart", from here you may view your invoice(s) online or download it as a PDF.
  7. Select "Pay Now" and follow the payment instructions on the website to make a 1-time payment. Payment data is not saved.
  8. Or Select "Register Now" and follow the registration instructions to register and pay your invoice. When you register, you can view your payment history and encrypted payment information is saved for your next payment.
  9. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment amount and payment date.