Planning & Zoning

  1. Hearing Application (PDF)

    Fill out an application for a hearing before the Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Appeals.

  2. Planning Board

    Read about the Planning Board of Natick, Massachusetts.

  3. Recording Decisions (PDF)

    No variance or special permit, or any extension, shall take effect until a copy of the decision is recorded in the Southern Middlesex Registry of Deeds.

  4. Residential Variance Checklist (PDF)

    Utilize this residential variance checklist to find out the required, existing and proposed measurements for the subject property.

  5. Rules & Regulations (PDF)

    Review the Zoning Board of Appeals rules and regulations including the powers of the board, filing fees, hearing requirements, and more.

  6. Special Permits

    Learn about the special permit process as well as the rules and regulations involved in the process.

  7. Subdivision Rules & Regulations (PDF)

    Read about the Subdivision Control Law, conditions for resale, conditions of deed, and more.

  8. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals hear and decide numerous petitions, including but not limited to: appeals, special permits, and variances.

  9. Zoning Board of Appeals Process (PDF)

    Learn about the process of approving a building permit with the Town of Natick.