1. Current Bids

    View current bids and learn how to make a bid on a Town of Natick project or proposal.

  2. Employment Opportunities

    Look up available job opportunities with Natick, Massachusetts.

  3. Natick Buildings Solar Electricity Initiative

    Find out the Town of Natick's initiative to reduce the town's carbon footprint, view the Town of Natick's solar-to-date, and more.

  4. Next Step Living Initiative

    The Town of Natick and Next Step Living have partnered to help fight climate change, save energy, and reduce utility bills, starting with no-cost home energy assessments.

  5. Quarterly Financial Reports

    Find quarterly financial reports for the past 3 years.

  6. Town Meeting Information

    Town Meeting is the governing body for the Town of Natick.

  7. Voting & Election Information

    Find information about voter registration, polling places, and election results.