Town Finances

  1. Accounting

    The Comptroller’s Office is responsible for a variety of financial functions including the processing of vendor checks and the processing of payroll checks.

  2. Assessing

    The Assessors Office is responsible for assessing all property located within the Town of Natick.

  3. Audit

    The Town of Natick contracts with Sullivan, Rodgers & Company, LLC to conduct an annual independent audit of the town's finances.

  4. Budget

    The budget process is one of the most important tasks that Natick faces annually. Prioritizing what is distributed where affects everyone within the community, and it is important that everyone feels enfranchised in an open and collaborative process.

  5. Capital & Debt

    Everything the town does, from providing services to its residents and citizens, to equipping employees to effectively perform their jobs, requires the existence of certain basic physical assets.

  6. Collector / Treasurer

    The Treasurer / Collector's Office is responsible for the billing, collecting and investing of all monies due to the town.

  7. Credit Rating

    The Town of Natick is proud to state that since 2008, Natick's bond rating has held stable at AAA as rated by Standard & Poors (S&P).

  8. Financial Policies (PDF)

    Learn more about the town's financial policies.

  9. Reserves (PDF)

    View and download the Town Administrator's Town of Natick Reserves Status presentation.

  10. Revenues (PDF)

    Find the revenue summary and breakdown for FY 2015.

  11. Tax Impacts

    In January 2010, town administration put together a tax impact analysis of the 2 excluded projects placed before the voters of Natick.