Public Works


The Department of Public Works is responsible for the administration of the Town's municipal waste-water and drinking water, sanitation collection, municipal energy, vehicle and equipment maintenance, roadways and sidewalks, storm-water drainage, engineering, geographic information system, common areas, parks and public trees.

The department provides safe and adequate drinking water and water for fire protection by maintaining and improving the Town's water treatment plants, wells and water mains.  The department also provides dependable and reliable solid waste and recycling collection to residents at curbside and at the Recycling Center.

The mission of the department is to maintain and improve in a cost-efficient manner the infrastructure, buildings, vehicles, equipment, and recreational facilities of the Town and be ready and available to provide immediate and professional response to emergency situations.

The department assists, supports, and cooperates with other Town departments, boards and commissions as well as other municipalities, State and Federal agencies in all relevant activities that promote and benefit the Town and the quality of life for the citizens of Natick.