Collector / Treasurer

Dear Tax Payer,

In order to accommodate changes to the federal tax regulations, the Fiscal 2018 Real Estate Tax balances are now available.
Please contact the Town of Natick Tax Collectors Office by phone 508-647-6425, or email at:

Thank you. 
The Treasurer / Collector's office is responsible for the billing, collecting and investing of all monies due to the town including but not limited to:
  • Boat Excise Tax
  • Federal and State reimbursements and grants
  • Miscellaneous departmental permits, licenses, and fees
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
  • Parking Meter receipts
  • Parking Ticket fines
  • Pay as You Throw
  • Personal Property Tax
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Water and Sewer Bills
The department is also responsible for the reconciliation of checks and bank accounts. It issues all authorized debt for both short and long term borrowing. It is also responsible for the maintenance of all properties taken for nonpayment of taxes and for all public auction or disposition of all foreclosed properties.

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