1. Elected Officials

    Learn about the elected officials serving the Town of Natick including the Board of Selectmen, the Town Clerk, and the Moderator.

  2. Board of Selectmen

    The Selectmen are vested with all the municipal authority not specifically retained by the town’s legislative body, Town Meeting. The Selectmen appoint a Town Administrator, responsible for the daily management of the town.

  3. Fire Department

    The mission of the Natick Fire Department is to provide the citizens of our community with quality, professional emergency fire control, emergency medical care, disaster mitigation, life rescue, and day to day service response.

  4. Police Department

    The Natick Police Department is dedicated to serving the citizens of Natick through enforcement of the law, providing reports and registry access, and through crime prevention and safety education.

  5. Town Staff

    Find out how to contact employees of the Town of Natick as well as the Board of Selectmen.

  6. Parking Clerk