Natick 2030+ Comprehensive Plan

Your Town, Your Future

What is Natick’s community vision for the town’s character and future development?  How do we achieve it?  Natick 2030+ is a two year public process to develop a Town-wide Master Plan that will answer:

  • Where is Natick now?
  • Where do we want Natick to be in the next twenty years?
  • How does Natick get to where we want it to be?


Under the direction of the Planning Board and management of the Department of Community & Economic Development, Natick 2030+ will set forth a vision for planning and development in the town over the next two decades, and describe goals and implementation methods to achieve it. The Master Plan will be adopted by the Natick Planning Board, accepted by the Board of Selectmen and endorsed by Town Meeting over the next 18-24 months. You may view more information about Natick 2030+ here. 

Plan Overview

Natick 2030+ will guide policy makers in making land use and development decisions for the Town over the next twenty years. Through this plan town officials will work cooperatively with residents, property owners, businesses, and other stakeholders to achieve the town’s vision for a variety of important issues: regulation of new development and neighborhood character, economic development, environmental quality, transportation, fiscal resources, public facilities/ services, historic heritage and open spaces.

Natick 2030+ will address eight topics:

I. Land Use and Neighborhood Character 
II. Housing
III. Economic Development
IV. Natural, Cultural and Historic Resources
V. Open Space and Recreation 
VI. Services and Facilities 
VII. Transportation and Circulation 
VIII. Implementation 

Natick 2030+ will explore issues surrounding each of these topics and propose strategies and objectives to guide development decisions affecting each one. Natick 2030+ will be an open, flexible document that will require regular review and updates to remain relevant as conditions in and around Natick change.

More Information

This page provides a simple overview of Natick 2030+ and the public process leading to its development. More detailed information about the plan and its individual elements can be obtained at Here you can access the plan in electronic and downloadable formats as it evolves, gain a deeper understanding of Natick’s planning and development issues by viewing maps, tables, and other data elements and provide crucial feedback to the Department of Community and Economic Development, Planning Board and plan consultants.